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Overview - About US

At our core is a belief in our ability to deliver practical IT strategies and solutions to Life Sciences and Healthcare organizations.


We partner with our clients in the healthcare and life sciences industries to provide direct access to the people and technology that get things done. On every project, with every client, our objective is to build a better way of doing business.

Fundamentally, acytechnology is unlike any other consulting firm. We’re focused, with more consultants dedicated to the life sciences and healthcare industries than the large consulting firms.

  • We’re nimble. Our size allows us to move fast and respond quic​kly to the changing needs of the industry and your business.
  • We’re accessible, giving you direct access to our leaders and experts – every day on every project.
  • We’re experienced. We hire the best people out of the large consulting firms and the life sciences and healthcare industries.
  • We’re pragmatic, delivering superior IT solutions because we understand your strategic issues and what’s important to your business.
  • We’re responsive. You call, we answer.
  • We’re reliable and accountable. We do what we say we’re going to do; we guarantee it.


Developed By Code Pitch Web Solutions

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