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Data Integration

Data Integration Evolution


In the past several years, the landscape for data integration patterns and technologies has expanded rapidly from traditional on-premise ETL and EAI integrations with select leading technologies to a diverse mix that includes cloud, web service and BPM integrations design patterns and a host of new technology vendors. For Life Science and Healthcare companies, the primary drivers for this shift has been the dramatic movement towards Cloud applications and significant application consolidation within the enterprise, including significant global consolidation along with a directive to lower TCO for integration.

With over 100 data integration specialists with experience in a range of technologies, HighPoint has focused on supporting the holistic data integration needs for our clients for over 15 years. We are a market leader in cleansing and integrating Life Sciences and Healthcare data. Our consultants are well versed in the leading data integration technology platforms, common health industry datasets and compliance regulations, allowing our team to deliver high quality, compliant data integration solutions.


Below are examples of the types of data and business processes we have helped our clients address:




Our goal is to implement innovative and efficient data integration solutions that combine the right mix of design patterns and technologies to optimally meet our client’s needs.

Our data integration services include Strategy & Roadmap, Implementation, Migration and Managed Services.


Strategy & Roadmap Services

For clients embarking on a significant data integration effort without a defined integration strategy, HighPoint highly recommends initiating a Data Integration Strategy & Roadmap effort. Defining a clear integration strategy enables our clients to establish a solid foundation to support initial and future integration efforts across the enterprise. Key benefits include:

  • Reduced investments in data integration technologies
  • Increased data quality and throughput across the enterprise
  • Increased data integration agility and efficiency


Implementation Services

Our team of data integration experts can plan, design, build, test and deploy your data integrations whether part of a technology transformation effort or to support a larger application deployment effort, e.g. SFDC, SAP, Data Warehouse, Master Data.

For scenarios where the integration platform needs to be validated for regulatory compliance, our team can also provide advanced validation and testing services.

Migration Services

Data migration is a critical success factor for application deployments that historically has crippled many implementation efforts. HighPoint’s expertise in “all things data” has made us the “go to” team for data migration for our clients regardless of the application implementation service provider.

Managed Services

Enterprise data integration is generally dynamic in nature due to the constant business demands for new information. HighPoint offers our clients data integration managed services for platform operations and maintenance and deployment of new services.

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