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Outsourcing Services


IT departments are continually pressured to do more with less. Plagued by recruiting and retention issues, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain stable, high quality operational/support services while holding costs down.

Transitioning your applications, systems, and business processes to ACY Tech Managed Services allows you to focus on your business’ core competencies while feeling confident that the day-to-day tasks of running your organization are in trusted hands. Our managed services program increases your employees’ productivity, strengthens the reliability of your IT infrastructure, and protects your vital data.

When you partner with ACY Tech, you will receive the same benefits that our current clients have been experiencing for the last ten+ years:

• Lower long-term support costs
• Predictable budgets
• Improved service levels
• Reduced impact of IT staff turnover
• Consistent adherence to quality standards
• Robust governance framework
• Single point of contact
• Established management and reporting system

Since we continually cross train our resources, we can provide the people you need with minimal lead time. Working with us not only eliminates your problems with recruitment, retention, and niche skill sets, it drastically increases your ability to adapt quickly as your business changes. Everything is backed by SLAs that meet your business’ unique objectives.

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